Today the world is as globalized as it could be - - yet we struggle to find meaning in our daily existence.

16 July 2009


It's such a beautiful, profoundly unnatural phenomenon only found after times of horrific atrocities to humanity. Must it be so difficult for everyone to get along? Yet the vices of mankind have only perpetuated the every-increasing bloodshed and hatred found rampant around the world. We are living in a new age of digitalism, where our present technology allows us to send seemingly infinite amounts of information and knowledge through a click of a button. Though there are still parts of the world that have lagged behind, or they are attempting to hold off against "Westernizing." It then becomes the you're with us, or against us argument. Must there be a right or wrong? Who decides whose right and whose wrong? It seems as though while technology increases exponentially, humanity struggles to follow suit, and everyday stories of greed, and corruption have made us all disillusioned about the world... and each other. We have forgotten what life was like before the Web 2.0. We have difficulty crossing the street to say hello to our neighbors. We have forgotten the meaning of being human.

But all is not lost. As long as we all continue to help each other and start loving one another as individual beings we can all live in harmony. But until then, violence and wars will mandate our daily existence. Maybe one day we will all find value in our meaningful lives, lay down our arms, and make way for peace.

"We must pursue peaceful end through peaceful means." Dr. MLK Jr.


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