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21 September 2011

Incheon Landings

Being back-logged could have potentially disastrous effects. The accumulation of unfinished work means spending more time at the office. Fortunately, I enjoy spending time there. & though I'd rather be outside riding my bike, walking around, or taking more photographs, seeing the sets come together here is just as delightful.

A few months ago, Kelly, James, and I tried to bike from Songpa all the way to Incheon. Maybe 40-50 kilometers. The distance wasn't the problem. We ran out of bike lanes. As we tried to maneuver between eighteen wheelers on the highway, without a gps device, nor a map, we collectively decided that it might behoove us to either abandon our plans, or wait for other cyclists that might be making a similar trek that morning. Eventually, I spotted two cyclists heading in our direction and we just followed them to the nearest subway station. From there we made our way to Incheon.

Moral of the story?
Unless you want to get run over, know your route!

Roll: Kodak Ektar 100











James and Kelly

feels soooo good posting a film set again



Rocky Halim said...

nice post! love the 3rd shot :)

SuJ said...

there's something about the 8th picture i think is just great, both comically and socially

iris +++ said...

Hello darling,

thank you for the beautiful update on your adventures. I hadn't been in tune with what/where you've been going. good to see you've made a trip out to Europe... everything in your pictures made me want to go back to that magical place.

hope you're well.


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