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20 September 2010

Stomping Seoul on Saturdays

It was one of those Saturdays where you're on the road from 8 am to 3 am the following day. I havn't felt that exhausted, yet energized in a while. We must have biked over 50 km, stopped at many cool places to photobomb, grabbed delicious Korean food, and explored the hidden side of Seoul.

My great friend, 12FV had it right. "The digital age is starting to make us question our very reality."

&, I agree.

The Beauty behind film is that each shot has it's own specific time stamp, & it truly "captures the moment." Aside from the high costs of purchasing, developing, & scanning film, the most difficult aspect of the original form of photography is that sometimes the outcome isn't exactly how you planned for it (nor, can you take a quick peek a split second after you've shot it). But that's the Beauty in film.

It's an unforgiving art, yet so fair in many ways to the composer.

Sure digital has it's perks, but I'm willing to bet my 35 mm is going to last longer than your SD card.

FE2 R6-15FE2 R6-8aFE2 R6-19FE2 R6-20FE2 R6-21FE2 R6-29FE2 R6-32FE2 R6-27

you can find more analog photography on my flickr page.


12FV, RFV said...

txh for the link, dig the purple hair and the tv sets

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