Today the world is as globalized as it could be - - yet we struggle to find meaning in our daily existence.

04 October 2010

the dualism of the mind and matter. . .

We go on each day, some in equilibrium, and others in trepidation.
Like a coin that indisputably gets tossed up in the air,
we never think in terms of halves, but have nots.
The mental substance, once again in triumphant battle against the material.
The thirst have seen, & the sights never quenched. . .

It has become an unconscious, sub-atomic reaction of un-clear proportions.
uncertain as to the possibility of it never-ending...
enriching only those. . .

A chasm so deep as the Mariana, as wide as the gap remains,
from the wealthy to the u n t o u c h a b l e s.
Engrained in our trivial, s e l f - n a r c i s s i s t i c, and short-lived existence.
It is precisely what keeps the living going,
& the desolate from rising. . .

Yet, at every dusk,
this dualism of the mind and matter,
coerces the good to vex,
the honest to cheat,
and the righteous to fade into darkness. . .

Perhaps, the very innate f a l l i b i l i t y of human nature.
The bane of our mundane fantasied existence.
A reciprocal & necessary world of two;

of balance,
of needs and wants,
of equations and formulas,

of life and death beats. . .

One march that moves ever forward,
while simultaneously ever closer to that final hurrah.
The inevitability of it all.
How we breathe so voluptuously,
like giants amongst insects.
But a grain in the sandlot. . .

For when all is said and finished,
what have we,
but mere fragments in time,
done to oblige such imprints of immortality?

a world of balance awaits. . .
cloaked in the shadows. . .

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12FV, RFV said...

these are amazing, love the first 4, great job

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