Today the world is as globalized as it could be - - yet we struggle to find meaning in our daily existence.

20 October 2010

I'm evolving

they say, people change
others say, people never change
still some say, people change then revert back
who knows.

as far as i'm concerned, my photography is changing.
the 35mm has opened apertures unknown to me prior.
the metal components have exposed me to new sensory connections.
the obvious shots are now easily dismissed,
the hidden shots are eagerly sought after,
while the decisive shots are by far the most rewarding.

as with everything else pertinent in this world,
practice does make perfect.
& though perfection is quite rare,
it is more possibly an impractical status.

i still have years to go before
achieving what i want to achieve.

as if i have millions of them.
truth be told, we're no sooner
ad mortem
ad vitam aeternam

so we are learning.
to extract with us a sort of legacy.
for when the inevitable comes.

to be remembered is what drove kings,
to be revered is what inspired the sacred,
& to be noticed is what yearned humans.

but is there anything more grandiose than that?

ex mea sententia

Thank you
Almost Empty
Resting under Fallen Leaves
FE2 R12-101


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