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25 March 2011

Can You See the Light in Me?

In the "Land of the Morning Calm," where pop-music is anything BUT calm, I've managed to find something more delectable to my ears. Easy breezy tunes, for those seeking Bossa Nova flavor, crossed with Rhythms del Mundo.

For the most part, I've shot most of my 35mm film with color negatives, as they are: 1) cheaper and 2) easier to shoot with in my opinion. But, something about black and white makes me want to shoot more Tri-Xs, Tmaxs, and Ilfords. Is it their ominousness? Or, perhaps the analog feel to them? How life was, not quite is? As an film photographer, I suppose the least I should do is learn how to process all my own film! Now I wish I had an extra room to convert into a darkroom.

In regards to grain, I feel as though the Kodak Tmax 400 has a smoother and more consistent grain, but the Tri-X 400 adds a nice soft touch when exposed correctly. Some of my mishandled exposures came out super grainy, probably due to my inexperience in shooting black and white in darkness. On a brighter note, I am excited to continue experimenting with the artificial light that frequently illuminate the nights here in Seoul.

enjoi :D


Kodak Tri-X 400 (b/w)


1-2) Craftworks - no smoking indoors. Awesomely delicious micro-brewed beer Juxtaposed: The sweet bartenders taking a break!
3) Lantern and wine glasses



[Seokchon Station]

1) Taken while passing by a salon on the way back home.



1) Ran into the dude that sold Jungle her FE2.


[between National Police Hospital + Garak Market = My Hood]

1-8) How much do you think this baby cost to get imported over here? Boong-uh-ppang (fish shaped waffle-like pastry filled with sweet redbeans) lady. Random parking lot attendant's vacant post. Japanese hof (bar) that I've always wanted to check out, perhaps soon. Shady peeps in that first car. It was her birthday. Juxtaposed: Should have gotten her flowers. &, sometimes all you gotta do is look right in front of you.







우리 둘이 홀로 아름답도록 이 세상에

Something about black and white film...

Stay tuned for more! Til next time!



christina said...

oooh the first one and the car are my FAVES. the other pictures are cool too! how'd you manage to get such good photos at night??? teach me your ways!!!!!!

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