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08 March 2011

A Dynamic View of Seoul

It's March and the winter blues have somewhat subsided. Though it is still a bit chilly, with the winds still carrying a bite, I can feel spring just around the corner. With the onset of warmer weather, more people are finding ways to become active again, myself included. Though pedaling under 3 layers isn't as comfortable as biking in a t-shirt, merely getting back on the bike was enough to restore some balance into my life.

Here are some pictures from the past two weeks.
I was going to split it up into 2, or possibly 3 posts,
But I figure I'll just get started on my next project.
All shot on two rolls listed below.
With the majority of them from the 400nc.

1. Kodak Portra 400nc
2. Kodak Portra 400vc (not using this one for a while)

# of Photos --> Location --> Brief Description --> Pictures


Kodak Portra 400nc

[Namdaemun Market]

1-2) Saw an elderly woman just sitting next to the steps, and something tugged at my heart. I didn't get her name, but I felt a connection with her. Juxtaposed: Father and daughter representing the circle of life, no?

3) Bundaegi: roasted silkworm pupae. I can only eat that stuff when it's cooked in a spicy broth and I have many bottles of makkeuli to wash it down with.




4-5) The vendor was just chillin inside a telephone booth! Juxtaposed: The woman was fixated on these two mannequins, all the while muttering incomprehensible phrases.


[Jongmyo Park aka. Ajjosshi Park]

6-7) Working the mind and soul with some brush strokes and beautiful calligraphy. Juxtaposed: Best way to stand out...


[Gwangjang Market]

8-9) It was a bit overwhelming at times, with the idea of personal space thrown out the door as soon as you walked towards the center of the market where all the food stalls were located. I felt like a sardine in a can. The plethora of street food vendors made me nauseous at times, as it is definitely one of Seoul's, weirder spots (which I have nothing against).

10-11) The saxophonist was a hit! Juxtaposed: Two students(?) whose outfits seemed pretty cool at the time.

12) Kelly and the fantastic immo that hooked us up with a lot of fried goodness... perhaps a little too much...





We should have ordered the bindaedduk.

[Platoon Kunsthalle]

13) Cool art hall/gallery/flea market (1st sat. of the month) made with shipping containers. Interesting concept, fully decked with ROK-hipsters, and those looking for the urban street scene. Took this picture during non-flea market hours, hence the lack of activity.
Located @ Gangnam-Gu, Nonhyeon-Dong 97-22



14-15) I have to admit, I am getting a bit Myeong-dong'd out. But, I find that this is where the most fashionable ->foreigners<- seek refuge.
L: Thai. R: Nihon



16-17) (read) Best Thai food I've had in Korea by far @ Buddha's Belly. Tom Yam Goong: A+++, Pad Thai: A, Green Curry: B+/A- . I'll probably eat here every other weekend from now on. Let me know if you want to go! Dishes are roughly 9-15,000, so a bit on the pricy-er side, given the portions (though we realized later that it was more than enough food), and definitely worth every won. You won't find another place that comes close to here.

18-19) The real-deal, the master-chef, the woman who made my palate go ballistic with all the sweet and spicy spices straight from Thailand! Juxtaposed: I wonder if he'll ever find this photo when he grows up?

20) HJ + Mel's old place in Noksapyeong. Hope it brings back old memories!






Kodak Portra 400vc

[Banpo Bridge]

21-22) The ultimate meet up spot for fixie riders and fixie couples. Juxtaposed: The underpass viewed from the northern side of the bridge.

23) I noticed that I had taken pictures of the two fixie riders (from the left) before, with their unique disc tires. Check em out on this post --> click here




[Seokchon Lake]

24) Taken outside of Onnuri Fusion Food System?! Their Jjajang-myun isn't anything to rave about, but their portions are definitely bigger than some of the other places. I just really liked the reflections on the glass.


there it is!

24 photos of the city I currently call home, & now off to catch some zZz's.

thank you for tuning in!



my name is hj said...

hahahaha, awwww. OMG, that guy with the sax, i TOTALLY took a video of him once. he's actually in the royal year color revealing video :o) nice shots philly!

!Empower! said...

Phir Ree, this post is illllllllll!!!! Man, finally someone puts captions on photos so i can get more context, made it even more of an experience for me yo. You're bringing life to Seoul for me, since I have no concept what it's like. One of my fave posts from you all time my man. Bring more on!

imalifeguard said...

how do you get people to pose for you? do you speak in english or korean? the portraits look super natural and relaxed; you really know how to find your models!


pdhl said...

thanks hj! - i wonder how long he's been playing, and i wonder how he got placed in the royal year color revealing video? did you just give your footage to the coords of that year?

rayrizzle! - thank you, thank you! hahah yea i figured since i was just about upload a plethora of pictures from different places, i'd write just a sentence or two about them to give the viewers an idea to think about before looking at the picture. i'm glad to bring the life of Seoul to you, and thank you again for the awesome words!

chuster - i see someone that stands out from the crowd, and then i have to... contemplate for about 5-10 seconds, while mustering up the courage to ask them for a picture. sometimes i'll follow the person until they're in the right spot (where there is light, or away from annoying backgrounds) and then i'll take a deep breathe and ask them as politely as i can in english if i can take a picture of them. there's this bizarre moment of confusion by the models, but most people i've asked have obliged. i get asked - why? what for? and i'll just say it's for a blog that i'm running, and they're usually cool about it.

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