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24 May 2011

Reboot to Digitalism

As much as I love shooting film, I forgot how much fun shooting digital was. Economics, efficiency, and enjoyment aside, shooting digital definitely has it's perks. I can go on and on about how digital and film are this and that, but I'm not here to sway you one way or another. One reason I reverted back to digital: creating videos. Sure, I could have gotten a small point and shoot that shot 1080p, but there are certain facets that would be amiss ie., manual focusing. Also, I would be able to take high quality photos without being too hesitant about taking the shot. Nonetheless, I find myself taking photographs as if I am still holding onto my 35mm slr: slow, methodical, and patient.

Other than the megapixels numbers game, improved ISO ranges, and HD video capabilities that come with D7000, I feel like I'm neglecting my FE2.


What do you think?



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