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11 May 2011

For Your Eyes Only

Been away from the game for what seems to be a while, when in all actuality it's been only two weeks. I guess I've been busy during the past two weekends, and with rainy season storming in and out, most of my adventurous spirits have been directed in other places. Anyways, I spent a saturday with my Aunt and her family in Bundang, then went to Everland with the coworkers the following morning. This past weekend, I met up with James and Eun-ju at the Dongmyo Flea Market, had lunch (which included: bibimbap, kimchi jjigae, and pa-jun), and snapped a few shots before we headed west. At Dongdaemun station we hopped on the subway to Chungmuro, where James dropped off some rolls, and then we headed to Namdaemun to take some photographs of the outdoor markets and stalls there. I ended up finding a nice blue summer jacket for my grandma for Parent's Day (Korean Holiday & since my parents are back in the States), and she was pleasantly delighted when she tried it on. That night we met up with Jamie and Elysabeth, whom I have not seen in awhile, to see a Lantern Festival Parade near Jonggak Station. It was a beautiful sight, until all the lanterns started looking the same. Afterwards, we headed to Hongdae to have a few drinks before retiring early in the night. On Sunday, I went over to my grandma's house for Parent's Day, and had a meal of epic proportions. All in all, it was a fantastic day spent with my relatives. I'm not sure if they'll ever see this, but - Thank you. Thank you for everything!

Anyways, here are a few pictures from a few weeks ago.
I hope you enjoi them!

1. Kodak Portra 400nc







when all it meant was to be safe


giddy up

will post
another one soon
stay tuned



!Empower! said...

cant believe you made this wondrous thing just for my little ole eyes, im honored phir ree! top notch once again my man!

bykenzo said...

where did u take the "giddy up"?
it's so cute !!!!!!^^

iris +++ said...

Happy Birthday buddy! keep snappin' away!

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