Today the world is as globalized as it could be - - yet we struggle to find meaning in our daily existence.

17 March 2010

melodic moments mean musical ménage-à-trois

i havn't been much of a useful human-being lately. as productive as i am teaching these young korean students english, i don't think im contributing at all to the intellectual/spiritual/positive growth of humanity. perhaps i am losing a bit of my idealism being out of college. nonetheless it is good to be realistic and understand one's limitations. yet at the same time we're only capable of so much. but so much more. a paradox indeed. no, i have not figured out the purpose of life, nor do i expect to figure it out anytime soon. however, the "figuring-out-one's-future" chapter of one's life is as exhilarating as finding out which college one will be attending in the fall, and as exciting as the day one turn's into a pre-pubescent teenager.

life's full of wonderful surprises, ain't it?

anyways, now that i teach six days a week, i feel like the days are flying by. i don't have time to think at all. (you know! those days where you have all these magnificently philosophical, or intellectually stimulating ideas that may change an entire civilization!) despite the extra hours, the blur between the days seem perfectly natural now. i get it ~ this is the real world! i'm another automaton adult doing work!!! i suppose it's fulfilling my duties as a citizen. err... a global citizen since i have a u.s. passport and im working in korea? don't get me wrong, i enjoy teaching! especially when my twelve year old students and i have a 15-minute conversation about cryonics. or, when a student comes into class one week getting an F on the review test, then getting an A on the next one. it's an amazing feeling to know that one child, one adolescent, or one teenager's perspective (on something as simple as education) has changed, because they finally understand the importance of working hard. whatever your motto may be, it's true... hard work does pay off. in my opinion, there's nothing in it for the get-rich-quick-schemers, or those who try to find the easy way out. perhaps im just making generalizations. i am young, and still too naive. i guess we all have to make a dollar somehow right? but, if you had a million dollars what would you honestly do with it? enlighten me, please.

on a side note: fred falke makes me want to dance!

and rjd2 still bumpin: definitely played a few times throughout the day/night.



12FV, RFV said...

"yet at the same time we're only capable of so much"

i think the opposite, like your second line that follows it. as for me, the best solution is to try every single damn thing out and at the end of the day, you can say you tried 20 times and disliked 5 of them so you should be running full speed in the other 15 directions.

its sort of the insight ive gathered now starting this design gig on the side. the possibilities are limitless, it just depends on how hard u wanna hustle

pax aeternum said...

definitely. i agree that we are always capable of so much more. and you are correct in that it "depends on how hard u wanna hustle." however, as for the possibilities being limitless ~ im not sure that everyone has had a similar blessed lifestyle to ours. check out my next post i mention this very thing!

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