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10 March 2010

oh sh*t! & nightdr*gs

wow. i'm all for the 70's-disco-tech-synth-house movement. there's just so much funk between the bar lines! this remix especially hit me on another level. there's a sense of fred falke-ism to this mashup between oh sh*t!(US) and nightdr*gs(FR). i've heard a few of the other remixes of this track, but to be honest this track got my ears ringing from euphoria.

wait for 2:03 pls~

oh sh*t! & nightdr*gs: everybody needs (bit funk remix)


omabu said...

yea i dig it!

do you follow ?

pax aeternum said...

nope, i havn't heard of that blog. i got this one from:

seems like everyones blogging about these guys recently.

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