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19 March 2010

じゅん せば

i remember when i first heard nujabes' melodic tracks.
it was during the beautiful purple summer of '06,
the sun was shining bright,
the people were smiling about,
and everyone was living easy.

there was always something about his music
that was emphatically soothing.
even the lyrical rhapsodies were crafted
perfectly on top of his harmonious pieces.

you could tell it was his music
just by listening to the first few measures.
he was like a master samurai sword-smith,
his beats made of superlative quality.

indeed, his music was incredibly light..
.. as if it was floating on like a feather in the air...

rip じゅん せば Jun Seba (1974-February 26, 2010)

"Without having to raise the heartbeat again,
took off into the sky."


jHust said...

first time i heard a nujabes track was 'boom boom' room teal year... sad to see a great one gone.

hope you're doin well brotha!


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