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23 January 2011

Reserva Sunday

Saturday was not a good day.

Long story short, the pvc pipe connecting my toilet to the cesspool had been frozen since last Thursday. That meant whatever went tried to go down, hit the ice wall and came right back up. So, yesterday after work, the plumber, the villa owner, and I spent 6 and a half hours dealing with this abominable ice monster. Mr. Freeze would have been proud. mr freeze1Regardless, there was no way we were going to let Bruce Wayne, let alone pretty boy George, down. After an hour of using the toilet snake (haha, google it, didn't think I'd get so many literal images), we realized that that wasn't going to cut it. Eventually, we had to bring out the BFG 9000 (google that one too), and after 5 and a half hours, we managed to melt the _________ out!

Anyways, I guess everybody's gotta deal with some sh*t now and then..

So, I figure I'd get out of the neighborhood, get some air, and snap some moments to relieve all that stress. The day started out with a slight overcast, and a tall-boy of Starbuck's drip coffee, before getting scuttled along in the subways. Hopping out of Dongdaemun Station I was eager to drop off my B/W 400 Tmax film, but upon reaching Chungmuro I was in for another setback! All but 2 stores were open, and none of them processed any film! Hah, like that was going to stop me. Well, I couldn't justify going back home empty-handed, so I went on a mission today to get at least one color roll shot & developed.

Mission Complete

Roll: Ektar 100


Fixie couple of the year 
So he can relive the moment later 
Working for the man 
Brick me 

& this is why I love photography.



!Empower! said...

Yeee!Dope post, love the toilet troubles to Batman parallels, and the pics are super clean! good work brotha!

Elysabeth said...

There's a lot of juxtaposition going on here and I love it. Sorry you had to go through such a horrible experience! Hope this week is better for you...stay warm!

christina said...

love the buildings and bricks! can't wait to hang out! miss them days like BALI!!!!

12FV, RFV said...

disc! brick! nvm they all killer

SuJ said...

these photos are sick!

pax aeternum said...

Thank you all for the comments, much appreciated! keeps me inspired to continue shooting!

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