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27 January 2011

On a Rare Day off

I don't usually get days off, but I was fortunate enough to get two days off due to testing at my school. So I went to Chungmuro to get a b/w (compilation taken about two weeks ago) roll developed. Then randomly bumped into Jamie and Lyz on the street, before meeting up with Jungle and perusing the toy camera stores, and eating delicious kalguksu at Myeongdong. After they left, I decided to finish the roll, and then got that roll developed today.

With that being said, I've successfully kept up with my 2011 resolution of shooting&developing (at least) 3 rolls/month.

I think I've found a nice niche within this photography world.
Perhaps, you've noticed?
Maybe, I'm mistaken.

"Kids always think they're smarter than adults,
til they grow up and they realize that life is harder as adults"

-mac lethal (dope find Ray!)

(1) Kodak tmax 400 (7/36)
(2) Fujifilm Superia x-tra 400 (7/36)


Mass exodus 
The homies 
The enlightened ones 
There's an elephant in the room 
Shady students in synchronized smoking 
Hold up. I just got a facebook message. 
Photographing photographers 
The goodness 
I can't hold this smile forever 
Unadulterated happiness 
Tell me, where'd your eyes go first? 
"Lady Awesome"

& it was one of those therapeutic days



12FV, RFV said...

love these shots, great light on the huxley, love that vert dude in the hallway, the pov of the 2 teachers, and the 3 girl cameras. esp loving the last 2 i mentioned

christina said...

totally saw you take some of those and they came out great!! :) your pictures are convincing me more and more to invest in film...!

christina said...

faves: lotte mart and the birds, and the ajumma and ajushi in the restaurant you sneak-shot from outside! was totally wondering how that one would turn out and --> love it!

omabu said...

brave new world is one of my faves! or maybe just one of the only books i remember from high school. really like the birds shot and how it gets hard to distinguish them from the tree stubble. very nice phil!

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