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07 February 2011


Happy Lunar New Years everyone (& for all the rabbits out there), & with that happy new layout!!!! Kinda. We'll to be honest, my buddy Ken and I were browsing through a random photographer's website/blog and we figured that having wider pictures would be beneficial to the viewers. Also, without all that blogger gibberish on the side, I'm liking the minimalist feel to it. I still have to tweak the html some more, but I'll get to that later.

After a much needed holiday break, I am feeling rejuvenated, yet not really ready to go back to the routine, yet productive life that has been a part of me for the past year and three months. These holidays don't come easy in Seoul. After spending some time with the familia out in Ilsan for a few days, I went on a photographing binge-mission-spree-whatever-you-wanna-call-it over the course of two days with Kelly (on Sat.) and Jungle (on Sun.). On Saturday, the sun was out so there were a lot of people roaming around Myeongdong, Insadong, and Samcheongdong aimlessly window-shopping, and it was really fun to see the more fashionable side of Seoul. Everyone arrives fashionably late decked out from head to toe, and I suppose it's part of living in a big city (Or, the inevitable & unquenchable thirst for material possessions in a soaring economy).

Also, I'm beginning to enjoy street photography more, which involves a human element at the very least. I find myself constantly 'framing' pictures in my head as I am observing the fleeting crowd. There's just some moment that's bound to happen. As Cartier-Bresson put it, the "decisive moment." One of these moments occurred at a coffee shop in Insadong, where Kelly and I met a photographer that had not only one Leica (M6), but two others (M3 & M5 = a whopping grand total of 13,000USD)!!! Holding one up and peering through the viewfinder was all I needed to convince myself to get one someday! On Sunday, I met up with Jungle, and retraced all the steps from Saturday: Myeondong, Chungmuro, Insadong, and Samcheongdong. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't as compliant as yesterday, but I had a great time shooting with Jungle, and I think she's itching for a nikon slr (we'll keep it a secret for now^^). All in all, I might have walked about 25km each day (well that might a slight exaggeration), but I just remember stomping all over Seoul with my 35mm in hand, and firing away without hesitation.

(1) Fujifilm Superia x-tra 400 (5/36)
(2) Fujifilm Superia x-tra 400 (5/36)









that look...



omabu said...

these pics are superb phil!! love the tones im seeing and you captured some great expressions from people. keep up the stellar!


Elysabeth said...

Love the new layout...and that Leica is oh-so-sexy. I want one. And a Nikon SLR. And a toy camera. Oh, will it ever end?

Wish I could have joined you guys on Sunday. I would have loved to see the plethora of matching couples ;)

Keep up the good work, Phil!

Jamie said...

i LOVE the photo of the couple facing one another with the old, peeled window sills. great as always phillip. and yes i ended up veggin out at home. looking at your photos, wish i got off my butt & joined you & jungle.

christina said...

so nice!! i want your lens. haw haw
can't wait for more adventures!

pdhl said...

thank you all for the awesomely kind words! will do my best to keep providing a visual glimpse of seoul as i see it!

iris +++ said...

you're a bonafide scott schuman or Bill Cunningham with some of these shots. and yes, i love the new layout. can't get enough of the minimalist look.. i mean you would know.


keep it up! x

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