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25 April 2011

Digital Graffiti

(... continued from the last post)

The following day, I met up with Kelly and Lauren in Chungmuro. Since we all had rolls to drop off, and needed to resupply our dwindling dedicated film ziplock bags. On top of that Kelly decided to get himself a new toy, and one I am very, VERY close to acquiring myself. Nikon's current flagship DSLR, and le Magnifique, the ultra sexy D7000. However, having used my film 35mm for the past... nine, going on ten months, [shooting] film makes it a lot harder to let go. I mean, I think I've created some of my best photographs using my FE2! On top of that, my brotha in Nihon, Ken, recently traded in his D90, some lens, and upgraded to the D7000 as well. I'm nowhere near being a professional photographer, but having played with the D7000, I have to say, it's an impressive work of machinery! I've read pages and pages of reviews, but nothing comes closer than actually having it in your hands, and firing away a few shots, or simply watching the autofocus do it's magic in the live view mode. What to do, what to do... Instead of the D7000, I ended up buying some macro filters (kind of like magnifiers) that you can just twist onto your filter. It acts like a macro lens, but at a fraction of the price.

Anyways, after Kelly bought his new baby, we headed to Craftworks to charge the new batteries for the D7000, and to try their new IPA, called the Jirisan Moonbear. A tad too bitter for my palette. Perhaps IPA's are suppose to have that bitterness, but the Moonbear tended to linger too much afterwards. Heavy in alcoholic content, I had to wash down the vicious aftertaste of the Moonbear with the effervescent, sweet, and banana milk flavored Baekdusan Hefeweizen.

There's something about typography that adds an interesting dimension to photography. The millions upon billions of combinations of words, fonts, and styles makes it a lot more difficult than it seems. I sort of see it as the title, or the caption of the photograph; a direct imprint of my thoughts onto the canvas. It's subtle, yet powerful, directing the viewers to a particularly explicit idea.

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1. Kodak Portra 160nc











the "Sel-ca"

a newly created word by Korean netizens,
which stands for taking pictures of yourself



melissa said...

the selca shot is perfect.

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