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03 June 2011

The Transience of Age

I felt compelled to shoot with my dslr today, having reverted back to film last weekend. While outside, I messed around in manual mode, and wow, it took me a while to get back into it. For me shooting street photography manually is rather challenging (in an exciting way). Maybe, it's because I don't have time to ask the subject to hold a position, or to look a certain way. Everything is instantaneous. That decisive moment (HCB). cliche. I know. But, it's true. Shooting manual makes it that much more challenging. Since you're always shifting through the dials: changing the shutter speed, adjusting the aperture, manually focusing, composing, etc. If the subject is still then it's cake, but once movement is involved, you have to make sure that you're on top of everything. I totally overexposed a few photos, because I forgot to bring down the shutter speed. =/ Nonetheless, I had an incredibly great time walking around my hood, and snapping away those special moments of time that would forever be part of our visual history.

In the process, one particular photograph stood out to me.

Like Mother, Like Daugther

"Like Mother, Like Daughter"

Family relationships are valued highly in Korea (and I'm sure in many geographic locations around the world). The respect for elders is a common thread in the Korean society, and one who loses ties with the family is seen as an outsider - a disconnect. I think that this familial connection is one of the most important features of life. Without our families, we are nothing. I'm sure, for reasons out of our control, there are many broken families. My hope is that those who are in need of that very important connection are able to find it through other bonds, kin aside. After looking at the photo again, I couldn't help but be drawn to their glasses, and their aged smiles.

& here are a few keepers from today.
I hope you enjoi them!



Atleast We're Together


Curiosity in Youth
When we were young.



christina said...

yessss ive been waiting to see some of yo snazzy pics from your new toy! i like the feel of your color photos! and you know how i feel about black and white :) just saw the video below, too, and i think its dope! great song choice, as well! hope to see ya sooner than later! lets catch up and go shooting when time and weather permits!

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