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29 November 2011

Good Company

Kelly, James, Andrew, and I made our way from Chungmuro to Dongdaemun. We walked around Gwangjang Market, which is supposedly one of the oldest markets in the Korea. Inside, ahjummas/halmunis (auntie/grandma's) are working hard behind rows of pojangmacha's (street food vendors) serving up octopus legs, intestines, and pig feet. Of course, there are the ddeokbokki/odeng (spicy rice cake/fish cake) stalls brewing in between the sizzling bindaeduks (korean pancake) frying over the flat top grill, and the delicious bori-bibimbap (vegetables over multigrain rice) urging us to sit down and eat. Afterwards, we walked over to Hyehwa to find a new place to photograph. There was a crowd gathered in front of an outdoor stage and the light was nice, so we peeked around a bit, snapped some shots, and did a big loop around the area before heading out to Itaewon for the night.

There's always so much to see when you're walking around.
While you can easily cover more ground riding a bike,
you definitely miss out on the subtleties of everyday life.

I went through another expired Fuji Superia 400 film last saturday. I'm not sure why I bought so much in the first place, but I like the grain that accompanies it. As for the M6, I feel like we're starting to understand each other. While shooting completely manual is challenging, it is also insanely enjoyable, and has brought street photography to a whole nother level for me. Nonetheless, while I am far from perfecting the use of this beautiful German machine, I look forward to every chance with her.


Camera: Leica M6
Roll: expired Fuji Superia 400




I remember this alley being darker in real life.


I prefer the grittiness of the old Seoul,
compared to the modern westernized one.


The only picture of the vendors I took while inside Gwangjang Market.

"Gate of Rising Benevolence."

On the way to Hyehwa.



Don't smoke kids.

He waited 5 hours to get his turn to jam on the guitar,

blogger via m6
Only to make fun of the crowd while banging on his snare.


blogger via m6


I think I'm in love with my M6.
Now that winter is approaching,
time to throw in some B&W!



garrick said...

diggin the type man

kittenmasks said...

Although you love North Seoul, I still think you should shoot South Seoul. I'd love to see your perspective.

pdhl said...

garrick - thanks man! i was just saw your pics from DV. i was just going to say the same about your typography!

alicia - which part of South Seoul are u referring to? let me know where, and i'll check it out!

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