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21 April 2011

The Expiration Date is Inevitable

I dropped off 4 rolls to get developed and scanned in Chungmuro over the weekend. The third roll from the previous set was part of the 4 rolls that I had gotten developed. The photos from this set were taken about two weeks ago when Kelly, James, and I stomped all over Seoul before meeting up with Lauren in the late afternoon. I popped in an expired Kodak Gold 200 film, which came out surprisingly well. To be frank, I don't think expired film makes that much of a difference. If anything it adds a more vintage touch to the photos. Anyways, we did the routine downtown Seoul run starting at Chungmuro, through Myeongdong, then walked along the Chunggaechun; briefly stopping by to watch a live reenactment of a Chosun era Korean style wedding. After that, we made our way to Insadong where James was (for the second time) racially profiled by Korean high school students who were fanatical about interviewing him (well played, well played). Having met up with Lauren, we proceeded to make our way to Yeoido. From there, we headed back north to Hongdae to watch Llasa (from Busan) play at Live Club Ssam. Let's just say that it got pretty funny soon after.

Next up, Ilford Delta 3200 with ultra-ridiculous grain action, and Yeoido's cherry blossoms in Kodak Portra 160nc right after that. Stay tuned!

But for now,


1. Kodak Gold 200 (expired film)



i miss the donuts









Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose...

and how radiant her smile would have been...

... under the setting sunlight



Sy's Prints said...

awesome shots

christina said...

wow the red is really popping in your photos, i love it!!!the van is definitely my favorite of the batch, but i also like the drummers, and the fan, shots by the river(?). The shots of those punk guys are super cool, too!! Totally different perspective :) Let's shoot again soon! :] Keep it up!

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