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25 April 2011

A Fleeting Reminder of Spring

Hope you all enjoyed the Ilford Delta 3200! An awesome friend of mine, Beans, whose primary mode of photography is the Holga MF 120, passed along some valuable info regarding the 3200. As a nature enthusiast, and one who is constantly seeking adventure through the urban jungle, his work is an awesome collection of creativity and striking double exposures. Supposedly, the 3200 film's true speed is around 1000. Which means, I pushed the entire roll about 2 stops! For all film photographers, it is definitely worth experimenting with. Next time, I'll try to shoot the roll at 800 or 1600 and see what results I get.

After the final shot of the Delta, I promptly reloaded with a Kodak Portra 160nc to capture the true essence of the cherry blossoms. They're beautiful flowers really, and probably one of my favorites. The morning started off with a hasty bike ride to Yeoido (a small island floating off the southeast side of Seoul on the Han River), because I had to be back in time for work. There was a slight overcast that day, so I couldn't contrast the pinkish hues of the cherry blossoms against the sky blue backdrop as I had anticipated! Nonetheless, I am glad to have seen these flowers in full bloom, unlike last year, where I caught them towards the end of their brief and momentary lives. Imagine if we only "lived" for a few weeks, what would (could?) you (possibly) do during that time? In retrospect to time, we are like these cherry blossoms, a constant metaphor for the ephemeral nature of life. Mortality is what makes us human, but what of the soul? Isn't that what lives on forever? The soul immortalizes us all. Just something to think about. Anyways, the last few photos from this roll were taken the following morning. It's becoming an interesting habit.


1. Kodak Portra 160nc


Cherry Blossoms in Seoul, 2011


R35-2a copy







감자탕 (pork bone soup) & incredibly delicious.

another fe2 shooter in seoul.

one day...

... i'm going to have an M6



christina said...

ooooooh your type overlay is BEAUTIFUL!!! i love your close up shots of the sakura (did you use the macro lens?!) and the two tree trunks-- i love their details! :) see ya aroundddd!!

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